Ancestors of Ripley Camp Members


Member's Name                        Ancestor's Name                            CSA - State          Webpage

Carithers, Jeff                            Isham T. Mathis                              Georgia                  Yes

Carithers, Jeff                            Crawford Taylor Burgess                Georgia                  Yes

Carithers, Jeff                            Washington Jackson Burgess           Georgia                  Yes

Green, David                             Henry W Helvey                             Virginia                  Yes

Mahan, Mark                            S. Paris Weldon                              Texas                      Yes 

McAlister, John                         Tarver, Howell  Aurelius                  Kentucky                Yes

Ranney, Dennis                          Ranney, George                              Kentucky                Yes

Reed, David                              Green, Marcus D.L.                        Alabama                  Yes

Reed, David                              Dobbs, Silas                                   Georgia                    Yes

Sevy, Richard                            Mason Henning                            . Virginia                     Yes

Thomas, Collin                          Hunnicutt, Ransom Flournoy            Alabama                  Yes

Yoest, Jeffrey                            Hammack, John Lewis                    Virginia                     Yes

Martha Reid Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy

Virtual Cemetery  Over 53,000 graves managed on Find-a-Grave


Thanks to Sonya Eason a past president of the Martha Reid Chapter UDC.  Her chapter is the 19th chapter chartered, 7 November 1895,  in the United Daughters of the Confederacy organization and the oldest chapter in the Florida Division.   Once at the website you can select "Virtual Confederate Memorials" from the menu selection.  The site does not track by cemetery but by the state in which the confederate participant served.   You can also connect to our 72 Virtual Cemeteries from this page. The purpose and goals of our project is summarized on our Findagrave home page.


The site honors Union soldiers by adding records/info found during the course of research to their memorial and places virtual flowers on their memorial but is not tracking them in virtual cemeteries at this time. This is not the focus of our project.


Impact of the Virtual Confederate Memorial Project

The impact of the project has been far more reaching than expected and has been very positive based on the feedback they have received through the chapterís emails and project home page.   As a result of the cyberspace network, they have obtained new members in Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Germany; directed interested men on how to join the various Confederate organizations; projected a positive image of the UDC organization; descendants of Confederates contacting us to provide additional or corrective information, documents and photos for their ancestors; shared historical and genealogical information with others worldwide, and they have established a central database for Confederate research. In fact, the library and state archives network have started referring patrons to the project home page as a tool for Confederate research. The Chapter was  contacted by a library in Alabama who sought permission to link the project's home page on their website.  A UDC member doing research at the Tennessee archives was directed to the project home page.


Internet Resources for WBTS Research

(Thanks to Eric J. Wittenberg, , for this compilation (excluding Southern Partisan).




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Library of Congress:

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Gettysburg Discussion Group:

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Old newspaper:

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System:

Civil War Soldier Search (pay site):

Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable:





The League of the South:

Southern Heritage News and Views:

Southern Partisan Magazine:


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