Pvt. George Ranney

9th Mounted Kentucky Infantry

Deo Vindice



My Confederate Ancestor by Dennis Ranney
My descendant is George Ranney who is buried at the Camp Chase Cemetery. He would be a distant cousin of mine. According to family history he was born July 24, 1839. He was living in McLean County Kentucky at the time of the War. His parents were William Ranney and Susan Clark.

"The Story of Camp Chase" by William H. Knauss printed 1906, had a few words about him in his book on page 8. I shall transcribe. The story takes place at a Camp Chase Memorial that Knauss attended.

Some of the incidents of that day and the reminiscenes that occasion revived are worth telling. Some of the veterans present remembered the story of one marked grave. Just within the shadow of the inclosure stood a simple stone on which was a plain incription telling that the body that had moldered in the earth beneath was that of George Raney, (Should be spelled Ranney) who was born in Livermore, Ky. There was never a better exemplification of the honors of the war in which brothers fought against brothers. George Raney (Ranney) was a Southern sympathizer, a believer in the greatness of the State over the Nation. His brother loved the flag of the Union and enlisted to defend it. George was wounded and made a prisoner of war. He was brought to Camp Chase. His brother was there as a Union soldier and had to stand guard over him. But blood was thicker than water. All that one brother could do for brother was done, but the boy in gray was dying. The struggle was over-only peace now. The simple shaft standing to-day was the tribute of love-Blue and the Gray."