Camp Chase Records

Information based on Compiled Military Service Records about 90% accurate &  Compiled by Dennis Brooke Member SCV Camp 1535.



Thomas Battle Turley (April 5, 1845 - July 1, 1910) was a private in Company L 154th Regiment, Tennessee and enlisted on March 6, 1862 at Memphis, Tennessee.  He was captured during the battle of Nashville on December 16, 1864 and then forwarded to Louisville, Kentucky on January 1, 1865.  He was transferred from Louisville on January 2, 1864 and arrived at Camp Chase, Ohio on January 4, 1865.  He finally was transferred from Camp Chase to Point Lookout, Maryland on February 17, 1865.  Although his time at Camp Chase was brief he was there at some of the worst conditions in Camp Chase prison history.  Private Thomas B. Turley would become the future United States Senator from Tennessee from 1897 to 1901.