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Columbus, OhiO


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 Brig. Gen. Roswell Ripley SCV Camp Columbus, Ohio is recognizing men, women and organizations who

have made significant contributions to the Camp Chase Cemetery and the Camp Chase Memorials.


Our first member recognition is for Margaret E.Chase.  (June 6, 1949 – September 10, 2014)  Margaret over the years did relentless; tireless work and planning for the Camp Chase Memorials.  She normally would appear in period dress and always carried with her an infectious smile. Although born in Ohio Margaret learned over the years about the Camp Chase Cemetery and of the lives of those who died at the Camp Chase prison. Margaret loved animals especially cats.  Margaret’s sudden departure due to cancer was and is a set-back for future Camp Chase Memorials.  She will be fondly remembered by those who knew her.  



Margaret with husband Monty Chase