Ohio Division 2005 Convention

April 2nd, Worthington Library, Worthington Ohio


It was a cold and wintry day in Worthington on April 2nd but it didn't deter the warm comradeship that embraced the members of the Ohio Division during the 2005 Convention.  An enjoyable time was had by all.  We were honored to

have T. Tarry Beasley II, the Commander of the Army of Tennessee along with the Adjutant of the AOT, Bill Wilson.

 Convention Minutes:  Click Here


Members met at the Worthington Inn for lunch

This is April?

Mike "Bulldog" Lawson, center, and other members got to see the Ripley House and Memorial for the first time.  Mike was elected Div. Lt Commander.

Commander Beasley (R) and Adj. Wilson were quite impressed with the memorial.

A historic battle flag was on display.


It was a long trip to Columbus from Memphis but we were pleased they made it.

Business got under way after lunch.

Lt. Commander of the Ripley Camp - Brian McKee

Each camp gave a report to the group - Ronald Powell, Commander Bressler

Camp in Cincinnatti.

Jeffrey Yoest of the Ripley Camp presented the Division Flag.

Jeffrey Yoest presented a display to the Longstreet Camp of Tallmadge, OH

Brian McKee giving the Ripley Camp report

Newly elected Division Commander, Scott Morris presents the convention

with a proclamation from Governor Bob Taft naming April 23rd,

Confederate Memorial Day in Ohio.

Ron Johnson, Commander of the Patton Camp in Youngstown/Boardman, OH